Fairtrade Soft Jasmine Blossom Organic


Jasmine blossoms are harvested at midnight or early morning, when they are fully open, and carefully placed with the tea so that the scent of the flower can be absorbed by the tea.

Da Zhang Shan

China / Jiangxi - Zhejiang

The Da Zhang Shan cooperative is the first Chinese cooperative to have been certified in organic farming in 1996 and in fair trade in 2001. 

A precursor in organic tea production, the cooperative, whose headquarters are located in Wuyuan, gathers some 3000 farmers gathered in about 50 local branches. 

In the heart of the Golden Triangle of green tea, on the Da Zhang Shan mountains in Jiangxi province, the tea gardens have been famous for more than 1200 years: teas from this region were the favorite beverage of emperors during the Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasties. 

The ambient humidity, the altitude between 300 and 1600 m, the abundance of vegetation and the richness of the soil are the ideal conditions for the production of teas rich in flavors and fragrances.

Xuan En Yi Sheng / Enshi

China / Hubei

The Xuan En Yi Sheng tea cooperative is located in the province of Hubei, in the heart of China. 

This is a province with a particularly temperate climate: the rain, the clouds that protect the leaves from the sun’s burns, the relatively mild temperatures during the summer season, all contribute to giving birth to teas that are particularly rich in amino acids and therefore in sweet and mild flavors. 

The varieties of tea plants, with small leaves, grown in this mountainous region (600 to 1200 m) are very famous and appreciated in green and wu long teas. 

The 500 members of the cooperative, spread over 6 villages, cultivate 300 ha of plots rented at a fixed price to the local authorities, the ownership of the land being in China the domain of the state.


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